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Dragonfly Ink

Welcome to Dragonfly Ink

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Dragonfly Ink is a unique tattoo studio specializing in artistic 3d nipple tattoo and areola repigmentation and micro needling for scars and wrinkles. Founded in 2003, Dragonfly Ink’s studio space provides a clean, welcoming, and collaborative¬†environment ideally suited for the artistic collaboration between Master Tattoo Artist Sasha Merritt and you to create beautiful nipple tattoos. Expect sensitivity, attention to detail, and commitment to artistic and technical excellence in every procedure done at Dragonfly Ink.

I left the office with my pep back in my step”

-M, 3D nipple tattoo client


3D Nipple Tattoos

Artistic, natural looking 3D nipples for women after surgery for breast cancer or for others who wish to create a more 3-dimensional nipple or to slightly alter nipple color.

micro needling

Micro Skin Needling

Skin Rejuvenation to reduce scars and smooth wrinkles. In many cases, this technique can make a noticeable difference in the appearance of scars even if they are old.


3D Nipple & Areola Training

Intensive training for medical professionals develop the skills to create better outcomes for post breast surgeries.



490 Post Street Suite 1701
Phone: 415.550.1445


Dragonfly Ink is committed to providing excellent quality 3D Nipple Tattoo and Areola Restoration that is natural and realistic. 3D nipple tattoos can be a successful option to create the experience of a finished breast after cancer.