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Tattoo removal method: Rejuvi

I’ve been lightening and removing tattoos and permanent makeup with salt for some time and been happy with results. The salt/saline removal works by osmosis- that is the cells around the pigment push out towards the salty scab taking pigment with it.

Recently, I learned about a method that extracts the ink.  The product called Rejuvi (there are a couple of kinds out there) is tattooed into the skin and then the oxides  of the pigment are attracted to the Rejuvi and are either wiped out for cosmetic/face tattoos or pulled out more slowly with body tattoos.  It is very effective on faces, with only one session usually needed.

I’m please with the results with both salt in Tattoo Vanish and the extraction of the Rejuvi.  Tattoo lightening/removal is improving all the time and it a great to see better and better options for removal and lightening of unwanted tattoos..

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  1. The tattoo removal method discussed here is very different and new for me as I never heard about salt tattoo removal.It is really nice to read this blog.Thanks for sharing.

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