This is a living stone plant in a terrarium. This is what the ones in bloom normally look like.

A non tattoo post- living rocks

Do you know about living stones? They are a family of succulents called lithops that resemble rocks. And if that isn’t enough, at certain times in the year, they split open and a white flower explodes out!

I’ve been making terrariums and using these guys and I have some that are in bloom. They are bringing much joy.

So not much to to with tattoos this post, but sometimes the plant that looks like a rock blooming happy white flowers wins the day.

living stone in bloom
Ready to go into a terrarium, these guys are blooming away. When not in bloom these look like the photo above the post.


2 thoughts on “A non tattoo post- living rocks

  1. These are incredible! I would love to have these around my house. Going to have to figure out where I can get them. Thanks for the article, if not for you I would have never known 😉

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