tattoo cover up

6 tips for a great cover tattoo

A large percentage of my clients are wanting a tattoo to either cover a scar or an old tattoo.  This kind of work is especially tricky, and require some extra consideration in design and application of the tattoo. Here are 6 basic tips for making that cover up into a great piece of art: approach […]

eyebrow makeup

Is permanent makeup permanent?

In England, there has been a trend  to call permanent makeup, “semi-permanent”.  This is because while cosmetic tattooing (really all tattoos) are permanent in that they do not wash off, there is some changing and fading that occurs to all tattoo pigment in skin. All pigment used for marking a canvas, be it a cotton […]

tattoo copyright

Who owns the Art?

The artist who tattooed Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is suing the maker’s of Hangover II for copyright infringement, first trying to stop the film, and most likely looking for financial settlement. So the question is- Who owns the art once the tattoo is inked on someone’s body? This one of the areas where tattooing is […]

permanent makeup

Is Permanent Makeup a Tattoo?

In a word, Yes.  Permanent makeup, and micropigmentation, are just fancy words for cosmetic tattooing.   Tattooing is essentially the act of inserting or implanting pigment into skin.  This includes any cosmetic procedure such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lips color and medical tattooing such as areola repigmentation and scar camouflage. So how is permanent make up different […]

dragonfly ink custom tattoo


San Francisco based Dragonfly Ink is a unique tattoo studio specializing in cosmetic tattoos, hair replication, artistic tattoos, scar coverings, skin needling, and tattoo removals. Founded in 2003, Dragonfly recently moved to a new studio space that provides a clean, sun drenched, comfortable environment ideally suited for the artistic collaboration between tattoo artist and client.  […]