Cosmetic Tattooing

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Permanent Makeup/Cosmetic Tattoo Art

Cosmetic tattooing is used to replicate and enhance the face and body’s natural features. Cosmetic tattoo, or permanent makeup,  is used to make your natural features appear to be fuller and more clearly defined, revealing a naturally beautiful you.

Cosmetic tattoos are becoming a widely accepted option for augmenting a variety of facial features including:

  • Eyebrows for people experiencing fading, thinning, or loss of hair from the brows.
  • Scars on the head which prevent hair growth.
  • Areola restoration and 3D nipple tattooing following breast cancer and breast augmentation surgeries.
  • Hair loss from all forms of alopecia and cancer treatments.

Cosmetic tattoos are also used to create “permanent makeup” solutions, which can minimize or eliminate the need for daily application of makeup in a variety of ways:

  • Eyeliner tattoos and lash enhancement tattoos are used to make lashes appear fuller and darker.
  • Cosmetic tattoos are a terrific alternative for people who are allergic to conventional makeup products.
  • Cosmetic tattoos are perfect for people with poor eyesight or shaky hands who find it difficult to apply makeup correctly day-in and day-out.
  • Cosmetic tattoos are also used to enhance lips by improving lip color and shape.
  • Cosmetic tattoos can save time in front of the mirror and are ideal for people with active, busy, or athletic lifestyles.

Artistic Cosmetic Tattooing by Fine Artist

As a formally trained fine artist, Sasha Merritt brings to each procedure years of professional and artistic experience as well as specialized training and certificates in Softap Permanent Cosmetics, Areola Repigmentation, Skin Needling, and Blood Borne Pathogen prevention training. As an artist, Sasha has many years of experience painting and creating figures and objects on two-dimensional surfaces that have depth and three-dimensionality. Sasha has experience mixing pigments and matching skin-tone colors to create physical features on the canvas, and she knows how to use different amounts of pressure and different line widths to capture realism in her cosmetic tattoo work. The ability to create the illusion of three-dimensionality is critical when tattooing eyebrows and areolas, because you want these features to appear natural and not like they’ve been stamped onto the body.  Sasha is also exceedingly detail-oriented, and she has versatility working with a variety of hand tools and electric tools to capture the ideal shape and colors for beautiful, soft, natural looking eyebrow, lip, eyeliner, hair, and areola tattoos.

Dragonfly Ink’s cosmetic tattoo procedures enhance a variety of features including:

Eyebrows: People don’t think about how much eyebrows brows mean until they don’t have them anymore. Sometimes brows are naturally pale, and some stop growing back after having been plucked for a long time. People with alopecia experience loss of hair on the face and scalp, and people undergoing chemotherapy tend to lose their hair and brows. Dragonfly has experience working with all of these conditions and will even work with cancer patients to lightly draw in brows before surgery or chemotherapy so that the natural shape is already present if or when hair loss occurs.

Eyes: Eyeliner and lash enhancement tattoos consists of adding colored dots along the lash line where eyeliner would normally be applied to create the look of fuller lashes.

Lips: Dragonfly can embellish the color and enhance the natural shape of lips, which is often a necessary as a corrective measure following lip enhancement surgery. Cosmetic tattooing can also give the appearance of fullness to restore youthfulness to one’s lips.

Areolas: Areola repigmentation involves tattooing areolas and sometimes 3d nipples onto the breast. This is often necessary as a final step to breast reconstruction surgery for cancer patients and for women who undergo breast augmentation procedures. Nipples with a three-dimensional appearance can be achieved through artistic use of color and shading.

Hair: Hair replication involves tattooing natural-looking hair follicles onto the scalp to give clients the appearance of a fuller, more natural looking head of hair. Hair replication can be used to cover up scars including hair transplant scars, and it is also used to cover up baldness or thinning patches for men and women suffering from naturally occurring baldness or alopecia.

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