Scar Covering with Tattoos

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An artistic tattoo can represent a powerful symbol of triumph and survival when done on or around scars. The symbolism of an artistic tattoo is particularly evident when it is designed for a mastectomy scar.  Women who choose not to have reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomies may choose to have artistic tattoos designed for their scars instead.

For many women, the experience of transforming her scar into beautiful art is an empowering and affirming experience.

Some choose to cover the scar completely, while others integrate the scar into a design. Women who do choose to undergo reconstructive breast surgery, may decide to have areola repigmentation performed to complete the process and to create a natural looking areola/nipple area.

Jane, a Dragonfly client, had a mastectomy years ago and decided to get a stylized lizard tattoo integrating the scar as the spine of the lizard. She worked closely with Sasha on her design and was empowered by the experience.

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Jane”]“The entire process was wonderful, lizards have always had a special meaning for me and I wanted to use that symbol, with all its rich, very personal and empowering energy.” [/blockquote]

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