FAQs about Tattooing over Scars

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Scar Tattoing FAQs

What can tattooing over scars do?

  • Scar coverings are used for a wonderful variety of reasons including:
  • Disguising a scar with color, shape, design, and placement;
  • Creating a beautiful work of art to counteract a painful experience;
  • Helping people celebrate survival, health, and life;
  • Helping people reclaim their body after illness or injury;
  • Adding femininity after mastectomy surgery.

What are the limits of tattooing over scar?

  • It cannot change the texture of scar.
  • The tattoo will not erase the scar.
  • The skin may hold the ink differently: lines may be less defined, and color may need a second session.
  • Still, there is so much that can be done within these limits

How does it work?

Scar coverings work by using color, layout, and other design principles to create art that will disguise the scar.  The elements of the tattoo design draw the eye from the scar, making any differences in texture less obvious.

Are there risks?

Sometimes ink needs to be re-applied, and lines may not keep their shape as well as they do with other skin. Both are easily remedied by design and placement.

Very rarely, a keloid  maybe irritated, but all caution is used in every tattoo, and most clients find no adverse affects to the scar.

Which designs are best and which are discouraged?

Experience suggests designs of organic origin work best for covering scars with tattoos.  Images with depth and variety of color give the eye lots to keep it busy.  Still, even simple line drawings can do the trick.

Generally, lettering, tribal, and Celtic designs are less successful for complete covering as they include is negative space (empty parts) where the scar will remain visible.

*NEW option for Scar reduction:

Skin Needling and LED light therapy can be very effective on scars and stretchmarks and do not require tattoo art. This may be a good option for those who want to reduce scars and do not want tattoos.

More info about scar treatments here

10 treatments (Red/IR) over 4 week period
10 treatments (Red/IR) over 4 week period


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